CE-CERT collaborates for another successful 2022 STEPCon

STEPCon 2022 TSR Lab


On October 6th, 2022 CE-CERT collaborated with the Science, Technology,  and Engineering Partnership (STEP) for another successful annual STEP Conference (STEPCon)! 80 high school students from across the Inland Empire visited 3 of our laboratories to learn more about the different academic and career pathways they can take. Many students were interested in taking an engineering pathway, and stated their favorite activity was the driving simulation from the Transportation Systems Research group. 

CE-CERT also hosted an exhibit booth to showcase a solar-hydrogen kit to demonstrate current research involving hydrogen fuel cells, while CE-CERT's EcoCar team represented it's group to share it's mission. 

More than 1000 middle and high school students attended STEPCon science shows and exhibit booths in-person, and more than 10,000 students tuned in virtually. 

We hope to see more high school students in the future!


STEPCon 2022 TSR Lab 2
STEPCon 2022 APL Lab
STEPCon 2022 TSR Lab 3