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UC Riverside is proud to be part of the US Department of Transportation’s National Center for Sustainable Transportation. Together with our other university partners, we are committed to conducting cutting-edge research and applying the research to the advancement of sustainable transportation. We also offer educational, policy and leadership opportunities to bring the results of this work into the real world. Our NCST partnership consists of the University of California, Davis (UC-Davis, lead university), UC Riverside, the University of Southern California (in collaboration with California State University, Long Beach), Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Vermont. Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation with match funding from various sources. Click here to learn more.

NCST Research Themes
  • Environmentally Responsible Infrastructure and Operations
  • Multi-Modal Travel and Sustainable Land Use
  • Zero-Emission Vehicle and Fuel Technologies
  • Institutional Change
Contact Information
Dr. Matthew Barth, NCST Associate Director

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Research Highlights

Complete Project List


    Electric Fleet Adoption Strategies – Addressing Storage and Infrastructure Needs (Arun Raju)

    Developing an Adaptive Strategy for Connected Eco-Driving under Uncertain Traffic Conditions (Peng Hao)

    Development of an Eco-Friendly Ramp Control based on Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology (Guoyuan Wu)

    Integrating Zero Emission Vehicles into the Caltrans Fleet (Mike Todd)

    Deep Learning based Ecodriving system for Battery Electric Vehicles (Guoyuan Wu)

    Renewable Natural Gas Technology Demonstration Phase 2 (Arun Raju)

    Eco-Friendly Intelligent Transportation System Freight Strategies (Matthew Barth)

    • Funded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District - View Abstract

    Incentive Regulation of Transportation Network Companies (Richard Arnott)

    • Funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation - Final Report Pending; View Abstract

    Evaluating Environmental Impact of Traffic Congestion in Real Time Based on Sparse Mobile Crowd-Sourced Data (Peng Hao)

    Developing an Interactive Machine Learning based Approach for Sidewalk Digitalization (Ji Luo)

    Examining the Safety, Mobility, and Environmental Sustainability Co-Benefits and Tradeoffs of Intelligent Transportation Systems (Matthew Barth)

    Renewable Natural Gas Research Center Project (Arun Raju)

    • Funded by U.S. DOT, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Southern California Gas Company - View Final Report

    Performance Measurement Evaluation Framework and Co-Benefit/Tradeoff Analysis for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Applications (Xuewei Qi)

    Biking in Fresh Air: Consideration of Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution in Bicycle Route Planning (Kanok Boriboonsomsin)

    Environmentally‐Friendly Driving Feedback Systems Research and Development for Heavy-Duty Trucks (Kanok Boriboonsomsin)

    Emissions from Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) During Real World Driving Under Various Weather Conditions (Heejung Jung)

    Eco-Friendly Intelligent Transportation System Technology for Freight Vehicles (Matthew Barth)

    Development of Key‐Enabling Technologies for a Variable‐blend Natural Gas Vehicle (Chan Park)

    Cloud Forming Potential of Aerosol from Light-Duty Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicles (Georgios Karavalakis)

    Evaluating the Viability of Dimethyl Carbonate as an Alternative Fuel for the Transportation Sector (Tom Durbin)

    Intelligent Transportation Systems for Improving Traffic Energy Efficiency and Reducing GHG Emissions from Roadways (Matthew Barth)

    Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Freight Movement through Eco-­Driving Programs for Heavy­ Duty Trucks (Kanok Boriboonsomsin)

    Advanced Energy Management Strategy Development for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Guoyuan Wu)

    Using Connected Vehicle Technology for Advanced Signal Control Strategies (Matthew Barth)

NCST Student Awards

NCST and CE-CERT are proud to offer these two opportunities to support graduate students engaged in transportation-related research. These awards are open to any student that meets the eligibility criteria for the individual award.

Award Name
(click for complete information)

Amount US Citizenship or Permanent Residency Cover Sheet
Up to $20,000* Required NCST Fellowship
Graduate Dissertation Award Up to $20,000* Not Required** NCST Dissertation
*Projected award amount is between $15,000 and $20,000
**Awardees that do not have US citizenship or permanent residency will receive the award through employment as a graduate student researcher.

To apply:
  • Download the application cover sheet to your PC and complete it as directed
  • Submit your application by email to Alta Vasquez at
  • All application materials must be in PDF format
Application Timeline:
  • The application period for the 2019-2020 award year has closed

Please contact Alta Vasquez at or at (951) 781-2432 with any questions about these awards or the application process.

Current Student Awardees

Previous Awardees



    • Cavan McCaffery, Mechanical Engineering


    • Brandon Feenstra, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
    • Ayla Moretti, Chemical and Environmental Engineering


    • Faraz Ahangar, Mechanical Engineering
    • Joshua Buli, Mathematics/Economics
    • Joshua Morales, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Patrick Roth, Chemical and Environmental Engineering


    • Joe Khalife
    • Mark Micklich
    • Glen Svenningsen Jr.
    • Nigel Williams


    • Nicholas Gysel
    • Liem Pham
    • Ashley Vizenor
    • Jiacheng Yang


    • Fei Ye, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Ziran Wang, Mechanical Engineering


    • None awarded


    • Abhishek Patri, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
    • Liem Pham, Mechanical Engineering