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• Growth by funding opportunities through research, conferences, and experiences that would not otherwise be possible
• Flexibility, allowing the Center to act upon new and innovative opportunities as they arise.
• Vision and imagination by supporting the strategic initiatives of our leadership team, and the cutting-edge, inspired research of our faculty.
• Global impact development of students who will become leaders in their industries, and who will use their talents to solve problems around the globe.


Honorary and Memorial Funds

Honorary and memorial funds provide an opportunity for you to recognize a person or persons who have had an impact on you, your career, the college, the community, or the world. Your gift ensures that their talents and contributions are recognized in perpetuity through the ongoing success of the college, its students and faculty.



The J. Wayne Miller and Thomas D. Durbin Graduate Research Award was established by Emissions and Fuels research team (EFR) alumni, faculty, family and friends to support graduate students at CE-CERT with a preference for EFR students.

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Transportation Systems Research (TSR) Graduate Student Award CE-CERT's Transportation Systems Research (TSR) Group produces amazing alumni who are shaping the future of the transportation industry worldwide. We invite you to join in establishing a new endowed research award to honor outstanding graduate students and support the important work they are doing. TSR faculty and students apply the latest advances in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to address environmental and energy issues associated with the movement of goods and people. The group focuses on the development and implementation of the advanced vehicle computing, control, communication, and sensing technologies that are transforming today’s vehicles and transportation systems to improve their safety, efficiency, and economics while reducing their environmental impact.

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The College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology is the largest research center at the University of California at Riverside and addresses society's most pressing environmental challenges in air quality, climate change, energy, and transportation. The friends of CE-CERT Fund provides unrestricted support for CE-CERT and helps the center to deliver on its mission to lead environmental education, collaborate with industry and government to improve the technical basis for regulations and policy, create new technology, and contribute to a better understanding of the environment. 

Friends of CE-CERT Fund 

Gifts to the many CE-CERT Scholarship Funds from alumni, parents, friends or organizations can be designated to support undergraduate or graduate students, specific faculty researchers, or a general area of interest. These gifts can also be unrestricted to provide flexibility in supporting emerging centers of excellence, new initiatives and areas of greatest needs.

CE-CERT Scholarship Funds

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