Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative


The Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI)

The Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI) targets research and implementation of systems that demonstrate the successful integration of intermittent renewable energy, energy storage, and all types of battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and motors. Recent research and demonstrations focus on bidirectional EV charging, microgrid energy operations, and water-energy nexus management strategies.
SIGI was developed specifically to research and implement systems that demonstrate the successful integration of intermittent renewable energy, energy storage, and all types of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. UCR has well-established microgrid testbeds and laboratories for pre-commercial testing of new technologies in a "living lab" environment. Over the last six years, researchers have designed and implemented numerous microgrid systems including 2.2 MWh of battery energy storage, over 11 MW solar PV, 8 MW of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for chiller operations, and multiple electric vehicle chargers including supervisory control and data acquisition systems. 
These unique microgrid/smart-grid testbeds with plug-and-play capabilities possess the ability to validate various Hardware in Loop (HiL) scenarios. In addition to energy system modeling, UCR can utilize its microgrid testbed for evaluating specific microgrid designs that will be placed elsewhere.  These testbeds are suited for researching and testing of different strategies and technologies in the real world, from building to neighborhood-scale applications. 


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SIGI Projects

Sigi testbed
SIGI Testbed
Services Available
  • Solar Panels

    We perform extensive solar testing including soiling, efficiency, curtailment, performance, microgrid integration, and islanding. 

  • Inverters

    We perform efficiency testing (5kW to MW+), curtailment, islanding, voltage support, reactive power control,  and grid ancillary services.

  • Battery Energy Storage

    We perform microgrid integration, control optimization, Battery Management System (BMS), performance, and islanding services. 

  • Microgrid Control and Integration

    We perform system architecture, net zero configuration, distributed generation, controls, and load management services. 

  • Load Management

    We perform SCADA, islanding, microgrid integration, control optimization, and energy profiling services.

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

    We perform system optimization, system configuration, energy measurement, and load management performance monitoring services.

  • Vehicle to Grid

    As of 2019, SIGI now offers testing of vehicle-to-grid algorithms using the latest V2G inverter systems.

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