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CE-CERT Consortia



CE-CERT plans to strengthen key stakeholder engagement in 2020 through the introduction of new consortia. These partnerships will link industry professionals, representatives from government and regulatory agencies, researchers, and educators with the resources needed to address pressing environmental challenges in air quality, mobility, and renewable energy. Member benefits include first access to technology and intellectual property, 1:1 collaborations with research faculty and students, recommendations to prioritize directed research projects, and inter-campus networking and branding opportunities. 

The Onboard Sensing, Analysis, and Reporting (OSAR) consortia and SC-RISE Solar Valley Consortium are currently open for membership. Please see the pages below for more information. 


Generate cutting-edge research

Cultivate innovation with industry through exploration of key question with the intention of creating technology

Develop a pipeline of Graduate Student Fellowships to create the talent needed to meet industry needs
Direct policy engagement and education of our future leaders 
Fast-track individual research agreements
Host Visiting Industry Fellows (VIF)

Current Corporate Partners


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