Transforming Riverside into a Smart, Resilient City

In June of 2020, the City of Riverside and its partners were awarded two grants for the Eastside Clime Collaborative totaling $31,221,206 from the Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC) and Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC). UCR CE-CERT was awarded $1,110,000 for the data collection program.

The TCC and AHSC Grants are offered through the State Department of Conservation and fund affordable housing, smart transit and walkable communities, urban greening, and solar and water/power efficiency projects, among a wide range of activities. Everything funded under the Grants will lead to greenhouse reductions and healthier communities over time, including training and building solar roofs, revitalizing walkways and public access, urban greening projects, optimizing street traffic and affordable housing. 

CE-CERT will serve as the data partner to the City, and lead the effort to measure, track, and assess the progress in greenhouse gas reductions and other indicators on the diverse project elements. The research team will keep track of all data required for the project, work closely with the city, project leaders, and community stakeholders to identify and track specific indicators of project quality and assess public health, economic development, greenhouse gas reductions, and other outcomes. In addition, the team will create a data website that provides regular updates on the project process, and train all project partners on data collection procedures and state reporting requirements. 

This project capitalizes on CE-CERT’s ongoing work to improve economic opportunities and health in the Eastside community, which borders the University. For the past two years, CE-CERT has been examining the environmental, mobility, and community impacts of Riverside’s developing Innovation District, part of which falls within the project areas. 

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