Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI)


Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI)


The Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative was developed specifically to research and implement systems that demonstrate the successful integration of intermittent renewable energy, energy storage, and all types of electric and hybrid electric vehicles including mobile renewable backup generation (MORBUG). Now in its sixth year of operation, the research testbed continues to assist researchers in analyzing the operations of microgrid systems under different conditions and for different installation types using a highly reconfigurable system consisting of interchangeable technology prototypes and an open source energy management platform. 


Sigi testbed
SIGI Testbed

2023 Highlights

Water-Energy Energy Nexus: Application of energy management strategies for water pumping applications in the Southern California and Riverside region. Demonstration of operational energy profiles to reduce peak energy loads in regional water delivery systems. Development of water-energy nexus strategies to reduce California’s peak energy loads.

Water pumping consumes 20% of all electricity in California. UCR developed operational strategies for reducing peak demand and energy cost. Annual energy bill was $382,320 in 2021-22 which dropped to $204.030 after energy saving implementation – a saving of $177,989 in a single pumping station.

Electric Cost Comparison Pre/Post-Implementation

Bidirectional EV Charging Optimization: Cost optimization and load management strategies are evaluated utilizing data from CE-CERT’s bidirectional EV charging infrastructure and microgrid operations. Cost functions and deep learning-based models are developed to optimize energy use and microgrid functionality.


Analysis of Microgrid Islanding Operations: CE-CERT’s research explores a real-world microgrid operations at CE-CERT’s laboratory facilities. Islanding operations demonstrate the feasibility of demand response, load management, and islanding in a real microgrid. Energy management algorithms and strategies are developed, demonstrated, and optimized. 


CalTestBed: The SIGI testing facility, developed with California Energy Commission (CEC) and CalTestBed, has completed projects with several companies such as Sylvatex, Alpine Hydromet, and Dakota Energy.


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