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2018-2019 National Center for Sustainable Transportation Awardees Announced

2018-2019 National Center for Sustainable Transportation Awardees Announced

July 20, 2018

The National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCST) is one of five national centers funded by the US Department of Transportation’s Office of the Secretary for Research and Technology under the University Transportation Centers (UTC) program. NCST brings together six innovative universities with the goal to move the US towards a more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable transportation system. CE-CERT is proud to offer the NCST Fellowship and Dissertation Awards to qualified graduate students that are engaged in research that addresses sustainable transportation.

Cavan McCaffery "I have always been interested in how things work, and in how I could help save the environment. Mechanical engineering seemed to be the best choice for both of these."

Mechanical Engineering

Research Focus: Cavan is currently testing renewable biodiesel fuels and their effects on engine performance and emissions. He is also testing new aftertreatment technologies for GDI vehicles to reduce the amount of particulate matter emitted.

After graduation, Cavan plans to focus on discovering technologies to improve overall air quality, including those that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. 
Ziran Wang  "I would like to be remembered as a pioneer of connected and automated vehicles."

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Research Focus: Ziran is working on different aspects of connected and automated vehicles, including proposing novel control algorithms and V2X protocols and building simulation environments. He is involved in two federal projects sponsored by US Department of Transportation and US Department of Energy, and a company project sponsored by Volvo Group. He is also participating in an internship in Toyota InfoTechnology Center in Silicon Valley this summer.

Ziran intends to pursue his Ph.D. at UC Riverside, after which he will seek  a position in the automotive industry where he will continue his research on connected and automated vehicles and  propose more novel applications of these technologies.
Fei Ye "I chose this major because it can make the world different."

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Focus: Fei’s current projects include ARPA-E NextCar, which aims to develop a series of learning-based eco-driving applications for buses at urban arterials with intelligent, efficiency-based powertrain control strategies, and a Honda sponsored project to develop and evaluate lateral control and traffic prediction applications in the mixed connected vehicle traffic on highway.

Fei’s future research goals involve combining long-term queue dynamic prediction with co-optimization on vehicle dynamics and powertrain without compromising bus scheduling, and developing a deep learning-based eco-approach and departure algorithm to compare with the existing rule-based and dynamic programming algorithm. She would also like to have her own connected and automated vehicle applications developed and applied in real-life.

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