Volvo Lights



The Volvo Group and project partners strongly believes that achievement of California’s air quality goals will require a sustainable freight system with multiple configurations of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) that are tailored to differing customer needs. In addition to the vehicles, this solution must also include a well-planned network of charging infrastructures (in addition to existing public infrastructures), a network of service and maintenance centers with trained workforce, and provisions for energy efficient (or neutral) freight handling facilities.

The overarching objective of the Volvo Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions (LIGHTS) project is to begin commercial introduction of heavy-duty ZEV trucks while developing and demonstrating multiple configurations of zero-emission Class 8 electric trucks utilizing a common modular battery-based platform. The project will deploy the electric trucks in a variety of customer fleets (near-dock and Inland Empire warehouse distribution centers, drayage operators) that operate medium and heavy-duty freight trips in the greater South Coast Air Basin. This pilot will culminate with the commercial launch of a class 8 ZEV platform, with assembly in a California-based facility. The trucks will incorporate the lessons learned from operating the demonstrator trucks both in Europe and in California. It is expected that the upfront investment in charging infrastructures and service networks will expedite and encourage the adoption of the ZEV; to this end, it is estimated that over 100 production trucks are likely to be sold to customers by the end of the project.

By leveraging the Volvo Group’s global experience and order volumes, The Volvo LIGHTS Project will showcase the commercial viability of Class 8 ZEV trucks and provide the quickest and most cost effectiveness achievement of California’s health, air quality and climate change goals.