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CE-CERT Awards Two UCCONNECT Fellowships

CE-CERT Awards Two UCCONNECT Fellowships

October 6, 2017

Established in 2013, The University of California Center on Economic Competitiveness in Transportation (UCCONNECT) is a consortium that supports faculty from five UC campuses (Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Santa Barbara) as well as affiliate Cal Poly Pomona in research that supports the center’s theme of promoting economic competitiveness through the enhancement of multi-modal transport for California and the region.

The fellowship awards are intended to fund students whose research supports this theme. This year, two fellowships in the amount of $25,000 each were awarded to students Kieu Nguyen and Benjamin Miller.

Kieu Nguyen

“I don’t view challenges as impediments to my goals, but rather as opportunities for growth along the way.”

Major: Cognitive Psychology

Kieu’s research seeks to understand the effects of attention on perceptual learning in aspects of visual processing and on the development of interventions to age-related declines in vision. She plans to investigate how attentional mechanisms could be utilized to improve performance in real-world tasks, such as collision detection and avoidance. Kieu is a first-generation college student with the future goal of securing a position that will allow her to continue her transportation-related research.

Benjamin Miller

“I currently see many open paths in my future, but I’d most like to be conducting vision and driving related research either in academia or the private sector.”

Major: Cognitive Psychology

Benjamin’s research focuses on linking low-level visual abilities, specifically the ability to detect edge boundaries, with real world abilities such as within-lane steering while driving. He is especially interested in how these low-level abilities change and impact performance as we age, and plans to use his award to begin a new line of research that examines older adults’ ability to accurately steer a vehicle and the visual factors that impact that ability. One of Benjamin’s future goals is to use this research to develop intervention programs for older adults in the hopes of boosting driving performance by training low-level visual processes.





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