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UC Riverside Collects Real-Time Power Usage Data for Analysis

UC Riverside Collects Real-Time Power Usage Data for Analysis

August 30, 2017

The UC Riverside Facilities Department has teamed up with the Office of Research and Economic Development and academic sustainability faculty to collect information on the electricity usage of various buildings throughout the UCR campus. This data will be used in the design, implementation, and testing of energy management programs, as well as to determine which energy efficiency measures are the most effective.

One key area in which this data will be especially important is in the creation of strategies to address the availability and cost of electricity during peak hours (times during the day when usage is heaviest and/or when power demands may outpace supplies). CE-CERT is already employing such strategies through its Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI), which features an experimental test bed that includes solar energy collection and battery storage.

Real-time data usage statistics populate the online Campus Energy Meter Dashboard that features both graphical and text-based display options.

 Dashboard 1

Dashboard 2

Dashboard 3

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