Markus Petters

CE-CERT Welcomes New Faculty Member: Dr. Markus Petters

Dr. Markus Petters, a prominent environmental researcher at CE-CERT, delves into atmospheric particulate matter's complexities. His work spans health, climate, and air quality, emphasizing mentorship to bridge the skills gap in graduate students. With dedication and a chess hobby, he enriches the research landscape.
Dr Hang Qui

CE-CERT Welcomes New Faculty Member: Dr. Hang Qiu

Dr. Hang Qiu, CE-CERT's new full-time professor, brings expertise in collaborative intelligence within cyber-physical systems. His research aims to merge robot, edge/cloud, and human intelligence to enable cooperation among autonomous entities. Driven by CE-CERT's exceptional teams and infrastructure, he sees potential in connected vehicles and cooperative perception. Overcoming challenges, he emphasizes the importance of mentoring...
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