Scientists characterize nanometer-thin coatings of salt on aerosolized nanoplastics

Even as microplastics gain attention as a pollutant widely found in all environments, methods to detect airborne nanoplastics and the implications for public health and policy are not well known.

UCR Graduate Student Ryan Drover Selected as Science Policy Scholar-in-Residence with the National Science Policy Network

UC Riverside's CE-CERT proudly announces Ryan Drover, a graduate student, as a National Science Policy Network (NSPN) Science Policy Scholar-in-Residence. Ryan joins the NSPN's SciPol Scholars program, focusing on health policy, vital science policy, and communication skills. After a six-week bootcamp, scholars, including Ryan, can pursue real-world projects in 2024. Ryan's achievement reflects UCR's excellence...
Markus Petters

CE-CERT Welcomes New Faculty Member: Dr. Markus Petters

Dr. Markus Petters, a prominent environmental researcher at CE-CERT, delves into atmospheric particulate matter's complexities. His work spans health, climate, and air quality, emphasizing mentorship to bridge the skills gap in graduate students. With dedication and a chess hobby, he enriches the research landscape.
Dr Hang Qui

CE-CERT Welcomes New Faculty Member: Dr. Hang Qiu

Dr. Hang Qiu, CE-CERT's new full-time professor, brings expertise in collaborative intelligence within cyber-physical systems. His research aims to merge robot, edge/cloud, and human intelligence to enable cooperation among autonomous entities. Driven by CE-CERT's exceptional teams and infrastructure, he sees potential in connected vehicles and cooperative perception. Overcoming challenges, he emphasizes the importance of mentoring...
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