One of the major contributors to global climate change around the world is the carbon dioxide that internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles produce.  This issue deserves significant attention, leading to alternative energy sources and powertrains for transportation other than ICE vehicles.  The purpose of this research project is to integrate solar electric power into a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) car to demonstrate the possibilities that solar-electric vehicles can be a legitimate alternative transportation mode in the future.  Eight solar panels have been installed on the roof and bed of the NEV in order to convert solar radiation into electric power.  The electric power is used to power the vehicle during the day and to also recharge the batteries for later use.  During the night the NEV uses the energy saved in the six batteries that the vehicle uses.  The goal of this project is to power the vehicle by at least 50% from solar power, the remaining power coming from the electric grid. Solar-electric vehicles can potentially be an efficient and clean source of energy for short trips in a community, producing zero exhaust emissions. 

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Solar Global Electric Motor (GEM) Vehicle
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