PEMS Conference

The Annual International Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) Conference is a two day event held annually in the spring that gathers leaders and top researchers from industry, government and academia to discuss the application and significance of PEMS in emission and fuels research. The theme of each year’s conference changes.  Topics covered often include the latest developments in compliant and non-compliant PEMS; the benefits of portable activity monitoring systems (PAMS) and prediction of in-use emissions; and new developments for on-road measurements from an international perspective, such as Real Driving Emissions. The International PEMS Conference will continue to explore the most pressing questions surrounding PEMS, cultivate innovative technology, and begin development of the next generation of on-board sensors, analysis, and reporting algorithms.

Who Should Attend:

Participants and presenters range in background, bringing together individuals working with a broad range of measurement systems, including fully compliant regulatory PEMS (1065 Compliant PEMS) and small systems, which include everything from micro PEMS (µPEMS), nano PEMS (nPEMS), in-situ sensors, portable activity measurement systems (PAMS), to Real Emissions Assessment and Logging (REAL).

2019 PEMS Conference

Planning for the 2020 PEMS Conference is under way. This year’s conference will be held on March 19-20, 2020. Please check back soon for more information.

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Previous Conferences

Click on the links below to download the agenda and presentations for previous PEMS Conferences. 

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