Portable Emission Measurement System


Measuring Emissions for On-road and Off-road Applications

CE-CERT has a fully 1065 approved gaseous and PM PEMS system for on-road and off-road applications. The PEMS utilizes the AVL M.O.V.E. system for gaseous emission measurements and the AVL 494 system for PM measurements. The AVL M.O.V.E. is equipped with a non-dispersive ultraviolet (NDUV) analyzer for measuring oxides of nitrogen (NO and NO2), a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) analyzer for measuring CO and CO2, and a flame ionization detector (FID) for measuring total hydrocarbons (THC). The gaseous data is measured as a concentration and is time aligned and flow weighted to the exhaust flow for total mass reporting. All time alignment and flow weighting is performed as part of the post processor systems for both PEMS. The exhaust flow meter is integrated with the gaseous PEMS and is designed to work with a wide range of exhaust flows and dynamics of transient vehicle testing. The exhaust flow meter uses differential pressure as its measurement principle.

Applications include:

  • Off-Road Construction Equipment (PEMS on top of unit shown below)
  • Light Duty Vehicles
  • Trucks and Buses
  • Rail and Marine Vessels

Service Detail

PEMS Testing Options:
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