Heavy Duty Engine Dynamometer


Evaluating Diesel Devices, Alternative Fuels, Research and Technologies

CE-CERT’s Heavy-Duty Engine Dynamometer Test Facility is designed for a variety of applications including verification of diesel aftertreatment devices, certification of alternative diesel fuels, and fundamental research in diesel emissions and advanced diesel technologies. The engine dynamometer facility components were provided as a turnkey system by Dyne Systems of Wisconsin. CE-CERT’s Mobile Emissions Laboratory (MEL) is used directly in conjunction with this facility for certification type emissions measurements. The facility is recognized by CARB for conducting engine dynamometer testing, and has been the cornerstone of CARB’s study of biodiesel as part of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCSF). The test cell is equipped with a 600 horsepower (hp) GE DC electric engine dynamometer that was obtained from the EPA’s National Vehicle and Fuels Emission Laboratory in Ann Arbor, MI. The dynamometer is capable of testing approximately 85% of the engines used in on-road applications and will primarily be used for engines in the 300 to 600 hp range. A charge air conditioning system was obtained from Dyno Air of North Carolina to provide temperature/humidity control for the engine intake air with an accuracy of ±2°C from the setpoint. 


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HD engine dynamometer testing options:
•    Heavy Duty Dynamometer only
•    Heavy Duty Dynamometer + Mobile Emissions Laboratory
•    Prep Day

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