HDD Emissions Testing Services 
PREP_L Laboratory Preparation1 (Minimum 4 hours)
PREP_V Vehicle Preparation 
TEST MEL or PEMS  Gas + PM2 (Minimum 8 hours)
TEST Raw Adding raw emissions to a test program
TEST PEMS 1 This rate is for Gas or PM PEMS + labor
CHAMB rate for the portable chamber 
INST unit rate: various instruments and tools (8hr)
ANAL unit rate: various analysis methods (each)
PROJ management (fixed hourly rate)

1Laboratory prep includes prep for HDD, PEMS, and LDL. This also includes use of the HDD and LDL without emissions. No analyzer measurements and staging prep is outside - no laboratory. The 6-hour minimum fees are program related not daily testing requirements (thus you can provide perform a 1 hr test on 10 vehicles, but for one vehicle in a one day program that would need a minimum of 6hr. 

2 Rate is the same for MEL and PEMS (gas plus PM) testing. If only gaseous PEMS then the rate uses TEST PEMS. Salaries are included in all rates.

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