Cooking Emissions Test Kitchen


Reducing Emissions Through Cleaner Kitchens

Emissions from commercial and non-commercial kitchens can have a substantial impact on the quality of our air. In addition to cooking by-products such as grease, smoke, and heat, cooking methods such as charbroiling are known to generate large amounts of particulate matter. As a result, several air quality agencies in California are exploring the possibility of requiring cooking operations to install control devices. CE-CERT’s test kitchen facility is designed to capture and analyze the emissions generated by a variety of cooking equipment, providing researchers with data critical to the development of policy around the manufacturing, maintenance, and use of such equipment.

Service Details

Fees are billed per basic test day (up to 8 hours) which includes the following:
  • Oversight of manufacturer device installation
  • Ordering of supplies for testing
  • Set up of test equipment
  • Testing
  • Data processing, QA, and reporting
If the same device is to be tested repeatedly, a 10% labor discount can be given for the reduced effort in oversight of new device installation. Please note that the following items are NOT included in the rate listed above: test plan development, data analysis and reporting beyond established standards, negotiation of shipping and delivery details with vendors, or any similar tasks.

Cooking Emission Testing Rates


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