Cooking Emissions Testing Services 
TEST Raw Adding raw emissions to a test program
COOK rate for the cooking laboratory (10hr)3
CHAMB rate for the portable chamber 
INST unit rate: various instruments and tools (8hr)
ANAL unit rate: various analysis methods (each)
PROJ management (fixed hourly rate)
Includes oversight of manufacture installing device, ordering of burgers, supplies for testing, set up test equipment, conducting tests, data processing and QA and report of the data. If the same device is to be tested multiple days, a 10% labor discount can be given for the reduced effort in oversight of new device installation. Does not include project oversight, developing test plans, explaining data more than normal reporting, or working with vendors on shipping details, etc. That would be extra (PROJ management rate). A typical day up to 10 hours would accomplish up to 4 screening tests (assuming 30 min. adjustment by vendor between tests) or up to 3 protocol tests. Includes basic PM, PC instrumentation - other instrumentation (such as method 5a is extra on a per instrument basis.
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