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The CE-CERT Fund (Student and Faculty and General Support): Gifts to the CE-CERT Fund from alumni, parents, friends or organizations can be designated to support undergraduate or graduate students, specific faculty researchers, or a general area of interest. These gifts can also be unrestricted to provide flexibility in supporting emerging centers of excellence, new initiatives and areas of greatest needs.

If you would like to create a unique gift experience of your own, choose from one of the options below, and contact Kathy Vang at (951) 781-5730 or at

Honorary and Memorial Funds: Honorary and memorial funds (such as the Joseph Norbeck Memorial Fund for Student Success) provide an opportunity for you to recognize a person or persons who have had an impact on you, your career, the college, the community, or the world. Your gift ensures that their talents and contributions are recognized in perpetuity through the ongoing success of the college, its students and faculty.

Support for Facilities & Equipment: Facilities and equipment are the tangible drivers of innovation. Well-equipped labs, classrooms and offices are the starting points for developing the best talent and conducting innovative research. Consider making a tax-deductible donation of lab equipment or supplies.

Matching Gifts: Hundreds of companies currently match employees' gifts or volunteer hours to UC Riverside. For purposes of recognition, you receive full credit for these matching gifts. If you as an individual are considering a gift, ask your company if they participate in matching gifts.

Naming Opportunities: UCR is establishing the Research Institute for Air Pollution and Climate Change to develop innovative sustainable, integrated solutions for public health, the economy and the environment by combining air, climate and energy research activities in a synergistic way. Consider a naming opportunity to provide a meaningful way to recognize individuals who have an unparalleled passion for the engineering sciences, creating a permanent legacy that honors them for future generations of family and students.

Gift Planning: Help students and faculty to fulfill their promise by investing in a planned gift. Planned gifts serve in a variety of ways – from scholarships and program support to preservation of treasured places on campus. Whether you establish a bequest or a life income gift, you will benefit scholars for generations to come.

Every donor is an individual with a unique life story that influences why he or she gives. Your gift is a clear, meaningful statement of what is important to you; your decision about how it is used assures that your statement is carried forward into another generation.

When you give, you give more than money. You give growth by allowing students to reach their full potential through research opportunities, conferences, and other experiences that would not otherwise be possible. You give flexibility, allowing the Center to act upon new and innovative opportunities as they arise. You give vision and imagination by supporting the strategic initiatives of our leadership team, and the cutting-edge, inspired research of our faculty. Finally, you give to the world through the development of students who will become leaders in their industries, and who will use their talents to solve problems around the globe.

Making a Difference - Our Current Donors and Awards

Colin E. Hackett Endowed Engineering Research Award: This award is for full time graduate students in the mechanical and/or chemical sciences who are engaged in engineering research, and who have superior academic skills. Preference is given to women and/or underrepresented minorities.

El Sobrante Landfill: This award supports Center activities that involve the exploration and development of renewable energy and fuels.

Esther F. Hays Graduate Fellowship Award: This award is in support of graduate fellowships in Engineering in the College of Engineering – Center for Environmental Research and Technology for full time students in good academic standing with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

G. Neal Richter Student Support Fund in Energy Innovation: This award provides financial assistance to undergraduate or graduate students studying alternative energy at CE-CERT.

Jacques and Eugene Yeager Families Endowed Chair: This award supports teaching and research activities at CE-CERT.

Jim Guthrie Research Award: This award was established to encourage academic excellence and critical thinking in CE-CERT research areas. Selection is based upon review of written research papers on projects conducted at CE-CERT.

Joseph Norbeck Memorial Fund for Student Success: Established in memory of Joseph Norbeck, CE-CERT’s founding faculty member and director. This award provides support to full-time graduate and undergraduate students in environmental engineering who are engaged in experimental research at CE-CERT. The funds are primarily used to develop the student’s laboratory skills as well as their oral and written communication skills. These funds can also be used to support a student’s participation in and/or travel to research conferences, the purchase of research materials, or as a summer research/internship stipend.

Packard Foundation Fellowship in Environmental Engineering: This award endows a post-doctoral fellowship in environmental engineering to enable research that will help us to better understand air pollution issues.

Salim Khan Award: This fellowship is intended to offset University of California, Riverside, academic and/or research expenses in the following academic year for students with an academic standing of 3.0 GPA or higher.

Tanfeng Cao Award: This award is to support the conference travel needs of CE-CERT graduate students (both domestic and international).

William Pierson & The Ford Foundation: Awards provided for both undergraduate and graduate students in the Bourns College of Engineering. The Ford Undergraduate Award was established by an endowment to the Bourns College of Engineering from Ford Motor Company to encourage and aid undergraduate students with a 3.0 GPA or higher in pursuit of careers in engineering. The William R. Pierson/Ford Graduate Fellowship was established by an endowment to the University of California, Riverside, from Ford Motor Company to aid graduate students with an academic standing of 3.0 GPA or higher in pursuit of careers in engineering and doing research at CE-CERT.

Other current awards include the the CE-CERT Regional Properties, Inc. Endowment, the Advanced Engine Technology (AET) Endowment, Johnson Ruel, and Roberta Nichols.

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