Vehicle to Grid (V2G)


Vehicle to Grid (V2G) architectures allow grid connected vehicles to transfer power from the vehicles to transfer power from the vehicle back to the electric supply infrastructure. The optimization of V2G requires properly configured vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). UC Riverside has created a microgrid testbed with integrated V2G capabilities. The system utilizes both light duty passengers EVs and larger transit vehicles. Research is focused on system architectures, controls, optimization, energy management, and communications. 


Services Available

  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

    We perform V2G capability, performance, measurement, access control, billing, and communication services. 

  • V2G Capabilities

    We provide energy measurements, capacity, vehicle connectivity, and protocol services. 

  • Microgrid Control Integration

    We provide system architecture, net zero configurations, controls, and load management services. 

  • Load Management

    We perform SCADA, islanding, microgrid integration, control optimization and energy profiling services. 

  • Vehicle Activity

    We provide energy profiles, trip activity, charging activity, GIS based analysis, and vehicle energy monitory services. 

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