Smart Cities and Innovative Infrastructure


Riverside, California, with a population upwards of 320,000, is one of the most diverse and fastest growing cities in California and as such serves as an ideal model to demonstrate the application of connected infrastructure technology. Significant growth is projected for the next six years that will transform the economic complexion of the city, especially along University Avenue and the Eastside district. The City has designated this area – a highly disadvantaged district where congestion, air pollution, and underutilized space is abundant – as Riverside’s Innovation District.

As a part of the City of Riverside’s proposed Innovation District, CE-CERT researchers will partner with the city to equip a six-mile section of University Avenue between UC Riverside and downtown Riverside with integrated technologies such as connected vehicles and traffic signals, vehicle-to-grid interaction, and new generation air quality sensors. This “innovation corridor” represents a sustainable mobility solution that will significantly benefit California’s disadvantaged communities by creating a healthy, efficient, integrated city for the world to emulate.