Research By Area

CE-CERT brings together faculty and students from various backgrounds and disciplines in pursuit of environmental sustainability. From understanding how emissions impact air quality to developing the technologies needed to improve solar and other renewable energy sources, our research teams are continuing a long-held tradition of innovation through research and development in support of one or more of the following five focus areas:


01 Renewable Fuel

Renewable Fuel Development and Energy Management
Creating renewable fuels from natural waste products, exploring pathways to market for existing alternative fuels, and designing and deploying commercial microgrids that use renewable energy sources and advanced energy management

02 Vehicle Tech

Vehicle, Technology, and Combustion Optimization
Understanding vehicle operations, and how to modify them to maximize efficiency and minimize pollution

03 Trans System

Transportation Systems: Vehicle and Infrastructure Interaction
Using intelligent vehicles and infrastructure to maximize safety, health benefits, mobility, and efficiency

04 Pollution Formation

Pollution Formation in the Atmosphere
Understanding how emission sources react in the atmosphere to form toxins, ozone, and particulates that impact human health

05 Exposure & Health Impacts

Exposure and Health Effects
Exploring the effects of air pollution on human health and related quality of life impacts