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CE-CERT is at the forefront of developing innovative technologies to advance the bioenergy field. Recently, the Aqueous Biomass Processing (ABP) group invented a groundbreaking biomass pretreatment and fractionation process called CELF (Co-solvent Enhanced Lignocellulosic Fractionation) to directly convert organic plant wastes and residues from the agricultural and forestry industry into biofuels and chemicals. CELF is a patented process that brings researchers closer to reaching the long elusive goal of producing renewable fuels and chemicals from biomass at high enough yields and low enough costs to become a viable alternative or replacement for petroleum.

Originally, CELF was developed to be a cost-saving front-end technology to be integrated with cellulosic ethanol or other advanced biofuel operations to reduce the scale-up difficulties associated with biomass processing and achieve product yields that were not possible before. Additionally, CELF could also serve as a stand-alone process to directly produce a highly combustible oil called “CELF oil” that is a direct replacement for certain petroleum oils. The CELF process was exclusively licensed by investment company CogniTek and the license was then transferred to a brand new bioenergy start-up, MG Fuels, to commercialize CELF and other breakthrough biofuel technologies. Support for the development of CELF in other bioenergy applications is provided by the Bioenergy Science Center (BESC), one of three national science centers supported by the DOE Office of Science.

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