Center for Renewable Natural Gas


Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is pipeline quality gas that is fully interchangeable with fossil natural gas but is produced from a renewable feedstock and can be used as a 100% substitute for, or blended with, conventional natural gas. RNG is an important alternative fuel that can help the State of California meet several Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and renewable energy targets. As a transportation fuel, RNG's carbon intensity is up to 90% less than that of conventional fuels.

The Center for Renewable Natural Gas (CRNG) partners with multiple stakeholders including utilities, local and federal government agencies, and private industry in pursuit of a common goal: to accelerate commercialization of new RNG production and utilization technologies through research, demonstration and optimization in all major sectors, including transportation. Researchers are currently conducting experimental and modeling work to identify the optimal RNG production pathways, scenarios, and associated requirements.

Research Focus Areas

  • Thermochemical RNG production using renewable feedstocks
  • Hydrogen production through water electrolysis using renewable electricity followed by methanation to produce RNG
  • Systems level techno-economic and life cycle analyses to evaluate and optimize technology pathways
  • Resource availability and processing challenges
  • Market and policy analysis
  • Related technologies such as direct hydrogen injection into pipeline, RNG composition for low NOx engines, advanced vehicle technologies to enable increased RNG use in transportation, etc.

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