PEMS & In-use Testing Research Publications


On-road gaseous and particulate emissions from GDI vehicles with and without gasoline particulate filters (GPFs) using portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS)
Cavan McCaffery, Hanwei Zhu, Chengguo Li, Thomas Durbin, Kent Johnson, Heejung Jung, Rasto Brezny, Michael Geller, Georgios Karavalakis
Science of The Total Environment | Spring 2020

On-Board Sensor-Based NO x Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles
Yi Tan, Paul Henderick, Seungju Yoon, Jorn Herner, Thomas Montes, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Kent Johnson, George Scora, Daniel Sandez, Thomas D. Durbin
Environmental Science & Technology | April 2019

A comparison of a mini-PEMS and a 1065 compliant PEMS for on-road gaseous and particulate emissions from a light duty diesel truck
Jiacheng Yang, ThomasD. Durbin, Yu Jiang, Takeshi Tange, Georgios Karavalakis,David R. Cocker III,Kent C.Johnson
Science of the Total Environment | November 2018

Real-world exhaust temperature profiles of on-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction
Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Thomas Durbin, George Scora, Kent Johnson, Daniel Sandez, Alexander Vu, Yu Jiang, Andrew Burnette, Seungju Yoon, John Collins, Zhen Dai, Carl Fulper, Sandeep Kishan, Michael Sabisch, Doug Jackson
Science of Total Environment | September 2018

A Comprehensive Evaluation of a Gaseous Portable Emissions Measurement System with a Mobile Reference Laboratory
Tangeng Cao, Thomas Durbin, David Cocker, Roland Wanker 
Emission Control Science and Technology | May 2016

Characterization of PM-PEMS for in-use measurements conducted during validation testing for the PM-PEMS measurement allowance program
M. Yusuf Khan, Kent Johnson, Thomas Durbin, Heejung Jung, David Cocker, Dipak Bishnu, Robert Giannelli
Atmospheric Environment | August 2012

Comparison of an On-Board, Real-Time Electronic PM Sensor with Laboratory Instruments Using a 2009 Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle
Jim Steppan, Brett Henderson, Kent Johnson, Yusuf Khan, Timothy Diller, Matthew Hall, Anthoniraj Lourdhusamy, Klaus Allmendinger, Ronald Matthews
SAE International | April 2011

Quantifying In-Use PM Measurements for Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles
Kent Johnson, Thomas Durbin, Heejung Jung, David Cocker, Dipak Bishnu, Robert Giannelli
Environmental Science Technology | June 2011

On-road comparison of a portable emission measurement system with a mobile reference laboratory for a heavy-duty diesel vehicle
Kent Johnson, Tom Durbin, David Cocker, W.J. Miller, Dipak Bishnu, H. Maldonado, N. Moynahan, C. Ensfield, C.A. Laroo
Atmospheric Environment | June 2009

On-Road Evaluation of a PEMS for Measuring Gaseous In-Use Emissions from a Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle
Kent Johnson, Thomas Durbin, David Cocker, J. Wayne Miller, Rey Agama, Nate Moynahan, Guru Nayak
SAE International | April 2008

Emissions from heavy-duty vehicles under actual on-road driving conditions
Thomas Durbin, Kent Johnson, J. Wayne Miller, Hector Maldonado, Don Chernich
Atmospheric Environment | June 2008

Evaluation and Comparison of Portable Emissions Measurement Systems and Federal Reference Methods for Emissions from a Back-Up Generator and a Diesel Truck Operated on a Chassis Dynamometer
Thomas Durbin, Kent Johnson, David Cocker, J. Wayne Miller, Hector Maldonado, Atul Shah, Carl Ensfield, Chris Weaver, Mike Akard, Neal Harvey, James Symon, Thomas Lanni, William Bachalo, Greg Payne, Greg Smallwood, Manfred Linke
Environmental Science Technology | July 2007

Real-world emissions of carbonyl compounds from in-use heavy-duty diesel trucks and diesel Back-Up Generators (BUGs)
Aniket Sawant, Sandip Shah, Xiaona Zhu, J. Wayne Miller, David Cocker
Atmospheric Environment | July 2007

Emission rates of regulated pollutants from on-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles
Sandip Shah, Kent Johnson, J. Wayne Miller, David Cocker
Atmospheric Environment | January 2006

Analysis of heavy-duty diesel truck activity and emissions data
Tao Huai, Sandip Shah, J. Wayne Miller, Ted Younglove, Donald Chernich, Alberto Ayala
Atmospheric Environment | April 2006