CE-CERT Researchers Participate in DOE VTO Annual Merit Review


CE-CERT researchers recently took part in the Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technology Office’s (VTO) Annual Merit Review (AMR), held virtually from June 12 to June 15. The event brought together leading experts to evaluate ongoing research projects and assess their alignment with DOE goals and topic areas.

The 2023 Annual Merit Review serves as a comprehensive assessment of projects supported by DOE VTO. By assembling a panel of reviewers, the DOE aims to ensure the effectiveness of the projects in overcoming barriers in various technology areas while considering their relevance and impact on DOE's objectives.

CE-CERT was proud to have Tom Durbin, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, and Guoyuan Wu participate as reviewers in the event. Their expertise and insights contributed to the evaluation process, providing valuable perspectives on the Energy Efficient Mobility Systems area and other relevant aspects of the projects under review. In addition to their roles as reviewers, Tom Durbin, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, and Guoyuan Wu also had their own research projects included in the evaluation. This dual involvement demonstrates CE-CERT's commitment to not only contribute to the advancement of transportation technology but also to subject their own work to rigorous scrutiny and evaluation.

The DOE VTO Annual Merit Review facilitates a thorough examination of research projects, ensuring they are well-designed, on track, and progressing in a timely manner. Furthermore, the review process emphasizes the importance of collaboration, urging researchers to engage with industry partners and stakeholders to foster innovation and maximize the impact of their work.

CE-CERT's participation in the DOE VTO Annual Merit Review exemplifies our dedication to advancing transportation technologies and promoting sustainable mobility solutions. By actively engaging with leading experts and the broader research community, CE-CERT continues to push the boundaries of innovation and contribute to the achievement of DOE's ambitious goals.

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