The University of California, Riverside (UCR) welcomed two special guests on April 18 as part of preparations for the upcoming UCR/Dept of Energy event, "Energy to the People." Christy L. Jackiewicz, Chief of the Minority Educational Institution Division, DOE Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, and Nabih Haddad, STEM Research and Development Lead, visited CE-CERT as a part of their tour to learn more about the center's internship programs and to see some of the Department of Energy (DOE)-supported projects in action.

UCR Welcomes DOE Reps for Site Visit Photo 1

The visit was an opportunity for Jackiewicz and Haddad to see firsthand the impact of the DOE's investment in UCR's research and innovation efforts. They were given a tour of the labs where some of the university's most exciting projects are underway, including the EcoCAR EV Challenge, a competition that gives students the chance to design and build high-performance, low-emission vehicles, and the Atmospheric System Research program, which is working to improve our understanding of how atmospheric processes affect climate and air quality.

UCR Welcomes DOE Reps for Site Visit Photo 2

In addition, Jackiewicz and Haddad learned about a new three-year project that will be funded by a grant from the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The project aims to construct and test a CELF pilot demonstration unit at CE-CERT, furthering the center's efforts to develop innovative, sustainable energy solutions.

CECERT was delighted to welcome Christy and Nabih to the campus and to show them the incredible work being done in partnership with the Department of Energy. This visit is a testament to the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and government agencies in driving progress and innovation.

The "Energy to the People" event in November is expected to be a major gathering of experts, researchers, and industry professionals, all focused on exploring new ways to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable development. With UCR at the forefront of energy research and innovation, the university is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to the event and to the broader goal of promoting energy access and sustainability for all.

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