headshot of dr. Vuong
Dr. Luat Vuong

CE-CERT is excited to announce Dr. Luat Thanh Vuong as the newest affiliate member to join our center! With a primary position in Engineering, her research focuses on understanding data and developing spectral methods and physics-informed approaches to find patterns in data with reduced memory and computational costs.

Dr. Vuong is currently a tenure-track assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at UCR with cooperating faculty memberships in Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, and Physics Departments. With a background in applied engineering physics, she studied optics and nonlinear dynamics of pulsed lasers, organic solar cells, and light scattering at Cornell University in New York, then at photonic labs in the Netherlands and Spain. Since moving to UCR, she now uses data science and machine learning to rethink how noise and information are shaped by the way in which we "encode" experimental data for post-processing. 

“I'm fully aware that interdisciplinary research is hard, and I want to participate at CE-CERT to assist and collaborate,” said Dr. Vuong. “As a ‘conservation’-minded person, I want to capitalize on research impacts using what we have. CE-CERT has huge potential to make a big difference both locally and globally.”

Learn more about Dr. Vuong’s lab and her research at UCR: 

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