CE-CERT Awarded $1 Million Clean Mobility Option Grant

UC Riverside, CE-CERT together with the City of Riverside and StratoShare is among the twenty-one California nonprofits, local governments, transit agencies, and Native American tribal governments in under-resourced communities that have been awarded up to $1 million each by the new Clean Mobility Options Voucher Pilot Program (CMO) to develop and launch zero-emission mobility projects. These projects are aimed at overcoming transportation challenges faced by residents in their communities through innovative transit services such as on-demand shuttles and microtransit; electric vehicle carsharing; bike-sharing and scooter-sharing; carpooling and vanpooling; and Ride-on-demand services.

The total amount of funds awarded for mobility projects is $20 million. The program awarded approximately $18 million to eligible under-resourced communities and set aside and awarded $2 million specifically to Native American tribal governments. The response to the mobility project voucher application window shows there is strong demand and need for this funding. Twenty-one communities received funds in its inaugural year, however there were a total of 33 applicants requesting as much as $1 million each. While the majority of Californians breathe unhealthy air at some time during the year, under-resourced communities and people of color are disproportionately exposed to unhealthy air. These communities are often located near major roadways and freight corridors. Health research has linked economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and residences to more frequent asthma symptoms, among other health impacts, due to higher levels of traffic and other air pollution exposures, and greater vulnerability to health impacts.

Riverside’s Mobility Project
The City of Riverside, StratosShare, and CE-CERT were awarded $1 million for The Riverside Clean Car Share program. This program will use the Clean Mobility Options Mobility Project Voucher to fund a one-way, last and first-mile carshare solution allowing users to pick up and drop off zero emissions vehicles at any one of seven Parking Hubs. Adding convenience, vehicles may be dropped off at any StratosShare Parking Hub. The project will enhance transportation by providing a reliable last and first mile transportation solution for people riding the bus or train at selected station locations that serve disadvantaged communities where residents experience higher impacts from air pollution and reduced access to travel options.