CE-CERT's Great Presence at this Year's CRC Real World Emissions Conference

The CRC (Coordinating Research Council), serves as a focal point for research between the mobility industry, energy industry, and government scientists. At its annual Real World Emission conference held on March 8-11th, the CRC celebrated 30 years of research contributions to improving emissions and air quality. CE-CERT has been an important and longstanding partner in this effort, reflected in part by this year’s contribution of six presentations and eleven posters to the event.

Professor Heejung Jung

CE-CERT researchers presented on a range of important topics, including Professor Heejung Jung’s Brake and Tire Wear Particulate Matter Project; a comprehensive chassis dynamometer and portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) study of heavy-duty vehicles; emissions measurements for off-road construction equipment, emissions studies of ocean going vessels; CE-CERT’s on-board sensing and reporting (OSAR) program; and an evaluation of the potential for electrification of construction equipment. The visibility of UCR and the Center at this year’s CRC was even further enhanced by the fact that four of the eleven session chairs were themselves former UCR graduate students (Sam Cao, Diep Vu, Tao Huai, and Yusuf Khan).

CE-CERT is proud to be among the many leaders in the mobility, energy, and government sectors at this year’s CRC Workshop. As CE-CERT continues to grow into its leadership role in environmental education and research, the ability to share this important work with the automotive and energy industry is more critical now than ever. To learn more about the CRC Conference, visit: