CE-CERT announces membership with CalTestBed

CE-CERT is a proud member of the CalTestBed Program, testing a variety of new energy technologies such as Electric, Connected and Automated Vehicle testing, Sustainable Grid Initiative, Vehicle to Grid testing, and more. This membership provides access to diverse California communities and partnerships within the California Energy Commission's Innovation Ecosystem. CalTestBed offers a wide collection of assets, facilities, infrastructure, and resources unequaled on a global scale to clean energy entrepreneurs. CalTestBed's initiative will provide $8.8 million in testing vouchers to clean energy innovators to use at one of nearly 30 testing facilities throughout California. CE-CERT's CalTestBed facilities include:

Technology Type
Electric Drive Vehicle Testing  Heavy Duty Dynamometer; Light Duty Chassis Dynamometer; EV Data Acquisition System: Real-Time Monitoring System Software & Sensors
SIGI: Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative  Solar Panels; Inverters; Battery Energy Storage; Microgrid Control and Integration; Load Management; Supervisory Control & Data Acquisitions; Vehicle to Grid
Shared, Electric Connected, Automated Vehicle Testing Shared Mobility; Evaluating Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) in Simulation, Hardware in the Loop, or On the Road
Electric Motor System Testing Industrial Electric Motors; Variable Frequency Drives; Wind Generators; Custom Designed Special Purpose Electric Motors
V2G: Vehicle to Grid Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment; V2G Capabilities; Microgrid Control Integration; Vehicle Activity
Water Energy Nexus  Energy Management Systems; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; Real-Time Monitoring System Software and Sensors 


If you are interested in learning more about CE-CERT's facilities to test or validate your clean energy device, please contact us at 

For more information on the CalTestBed Program or to apply, please visit: CalTestBed Website