UCR CE-CERT Joins Volvo and other Partners for a Comprehensive Evaluation of its Class 8 Battery-Electric Trucks

The Volvo Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions (LIGHTS) project is a collaboration between 15 public and private partners, including CE-CERT, to demonstrate the viability of all-electric freight transportation in high-density traffic and urban areas. This project is comprehensive in the sense that it highlights innovative and takes a holistic approach to ensuring commercial reediness.

The overarching objective of the Volvo LIGHTS project is to begin commercial introduction of heavy-duty zero emission vehicles (ZEV) trucks while developing and demonstrating multiple configurations of zero-emission Class 8 electric trucks utilizing a common modular battery-based platform.  The project will deploy the electric trucks in a variety of customer fleets (near-dock and Inland Empire warehouse distribution centers, drayage operators) that operate medium and heavy-duty freight trips in the greater South Coast Air Basin. This pilot will culminate with the commercial launch of a class 8 ZEV platform, with assembly in a California-based facility. It is expected that the upfront investment in charging infrastructures and service networks will expedite and encourage the adoption of the ZEV; to this end, it is estimated that over 100 production trucks are likely to be sold to customers by the end of the project.

CE-CERT's Role

CE-CERT’s effort in this project is focused on vehicle performance evaluation and optimization, both in the laboratory and on the road. The evaluation will also include a deeper dive into the vehicle life cycle emissions. In addition, CE-CERT will develop novel algorithms for fleet management including dispatching in a constrained charging environment. CE-CERT is excited to be part of this large program that will show electric vehicle technology will make a difference in Southern California. For more information, see Volvo LIGHTS.