CE-CERT Partners with MVT Solutions and MeasureMission to Provide Comprehensive Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Testing

The UC Riverside CE-CERT Emissions and Fuels Research group has partnered with MVT Solutions and MeasureMission to bring a comprehensive fuel efficiency and emissions evaluation package to the industry. Leading the UC Riverside effort is Dr. Kent Johnson, principal investigator of the CE-CERT Emissions and Fuels Research group. MVT Solutions is represented by Daryl Bear, lead engineer and COO, and CEO Andrew Burnette is coordinating the effort on behalf of MeasureMission.

All of the partners involved in this strategic alliance are excited about what each one can offer, both in support of their shared goal and to the larger body of emissions and fuels research.

“We believe that the testing method employed by MVT Solutions can produce valuable emissions measurement data because some of the same factors that impact fuel economy also affect emissions,” said Johnson. “Their model can help us develop more realistic emissions standards and regulations.”

“With the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and MeasureMission we can expand our capabilities and our independent third-party evaluations,” said Daryl Bear. “Together, we can provide efficient and accurate emissions and fuel economy testing services that can be used for developing and refining a wide range of technologies. UCR and MeasureMission are well known and highly respected emissions testing organizations and we look forward to working with them.”

MVT Solutions is a provider of breakthrough fuel economy testing and design and development services for the trucking industry. MeasureMission is known for its expert emissions testing design and data analytics services.

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