As part of a large Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI) research program, researchers have developed a unique mobile platform that can be used for a variety of vehicle charging experiments. The MV2GES platform is essentially a “microgrid on wheels” and consists of a trailer that has on-board energy storage (600 kWh), solar panels, grid-connectivity, and a V2G-capable EV charger that can be operated in an “islanded” configuration. This versatile platform is shown in the figure below and can be used in several ways:

  • Building microgrid support;
  • Behind the meter energy optimization;
  • Peak load mitigation;
  • Demand responses;
  • Islanding operations;
  • Emergency power response;
  • Coordinated community energy resiliency.

This platform is unique due its Vehicle to Grid (V2G) charging capabilities coupled with islanding functionality. This allows grid connected vehicles to transfer power from the vehicles to transfer power from the vehicle back to the electric supply infrastructure. The optimization of V2G requires properly configured vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). The platform can interface with both light duty passenger EVs and larger transit electric vehicles. The MV2GES architecture allows stored energy support from either vehicle batteries or the trailer based batteries. Algorithms contained within the on-board Energy Management System optimize based on load profiles, generated energy (solar PV), and stored energy. Coupling V2G functionality with electric transit vehicles has proven complementary since scheduled vehicle use provides dedicated vehicle availability for energy based operations. Additionally, charging vehicles during excess energy supply (excess solar) allows energy to stay on site and minimize losses associated with electrical transmission/distribution. The MV2GES platform has proven effective in developing, demonstrating, and optimizing EMS strategies which can be deployed in regions needing greater energy resiliency coupled with expanded mobility options.  

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