light duty lab

Light Duty Emissions Laboratory


Measuring Exhaust Emissions Under Real-world Driving Conditions

The Light Duty Emissions Laboratory at CE-CERT is a state-of-the-art laboratory for measuring exhaust emissions under conditions that are representative of real-world driving conditions. An advanced 48-inch electric chassis dynamometer capable of simulating dynamic, high-speed accelerations and decelerations is a key component of the laboratory. The facility also contains separate dilution tunnels for sampling gasoline and diesel exhaust, an analytical system for sampling both regulated and unregulated gaseous emissions, and a particulate collection system. It is equipped with a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analytical system to quantify thirty low-level and toxic compounds in vehicle exhaust, including N2O and NH3. 

The laboratory has developed and demonstrated instrumentation including tunable diode lasers (TDL) and differential optical adsorption spectrometers (DOAS) for specialized measurements at very low levels. The laboratory also is used in conjunction with an ongoing program to develop instrumentation for real-time, on-board measurement of low-level emissions from light-duty vehicles.


Kent Johnson