Heavy Duty Chassis Dynamometer


Simulating Exacting Road Load and Inertia Forces

CE-CERT is home to a heavy-duty tandem axle truck chassis dynamometer in conjunction with Mustang Dynamometer. The development of the chassis dynamometer design was based on target vehicles in the medium to heavy-duty diesel vehicle range. This high performance 48” Electric Chassis Dynamometer has Dual Direct Connected, 300 Hp AC Motors individually attached to each roll set (model MD-AC/AC-300.48/300.48-45,000lb-HD-TANDEM). The dynamometer is capable of simulating exacting road load & inertia forces to a vehicle operating over a range of different driving conditions including highway cruise, urban driving, and other typical on road driving conditions, with the designed based on 17 different drive cycles. The robust dynamometer can continuously absorb/motor loads in excess of 600 HP from 45 to 80 mph and intermittently absorb/motor loads in the range of 1,200Hp. It is able perform vehicle inertia simulation across a vehicle weight range of 10,000 to 80,000 lb. CE-CERT’s Mobile Emissions Laboratory (MEL) is used directly in conjunction with this facility for certification type emissions measurements.


Service Details

HD chassis testing options:
•    Chassis only
•    Chassis + Mobile Emissions Laboratory (MEL)
•    Prep Day

HDC Emission Testing Rates


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