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Opportunities for CE-CERT Students

  • Air Resources Engineering (ARE) or Air Pollution Specialist (APS) position available at the State Air Resources Board in El Monte.  I am pleased to announce that we may have a full time ARE or APS position available in the Data Development Services Section.  This position is open to graduating seniors or those with BSc degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Science or Engineering degrees who love to program and develop custom business applications.  This state position requires applicants first get on either or both of the ARE/APS lists (see below) 
  • APS
  • ARE
  • Applicants are notified when they are on the ARE or APS lists.  The applicants can then apply for the position when they are listed at:

Effective 9/20/2019 CE-CERT Looking for Student Volunteers for APL Lab: 

Volunteer(s) will have a great opportunity to contribute to the whole lab, help the grad student and gain knowledge of basic engineering skills and the basic understanding of the "aerosol indoor chamber study" field; requirements might be "interested in this field and be responsible for the project (or part of it) given"  Please email Chen Le with any questions: