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Opportunities for CE-CERT Students


Immediate Community Scientist

Job Openings effective 10/28/2019

(Application Review Nov 4th)

UCR CE-CERT has 3-4 student positions open for our air quality community scientists program for the 2019-2020 school year. We need energetic team members to join our effort in disseminating knowledge throughout our community and preparing high school students for college in science and engineering fields. Students will be compensated based on their qualifications and experience. More Info and Apply Here.

NOW HIRING CHEMIST @ Michelson Laboratories, inc

More info and Apply Here


Effective 9/20/2019 CE-CERT Looking for Student Volunteers for APL Lab: 

Volunteer(s) will have a great opportunity to contribute to the whole lab, help the grad student and gain knowledge of basic engineering skills and the basic understanding of the "aerosol indoor chamber study" field; requirements might be "interested in this field and be responsible for the project (or part of it) given"  Please email Chen Le with any questions:

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