Randall Lewis Seminar Series: Perspectives and paths forward during a historic drought

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CE-CERT Building, Room 105, 1084 Columbia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

Come join us as we engage with Craig Miller on his thoughts about the drought. Followed by a reception.

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About this event

California is in year three of a serious drought, so much so that according to the United States Drought Monitor, almost 96 percent of California is now under severe drought conditions. Statewide curtailments are occurring, many reservoirs are critically low, agricultural production is severely impacted, forests are under stress and wildfire seasons are longer. Looming shortages from the Colorado River could make matters even worse for southern Californians. With signs pointing to another dry winter, what are the answers for addressing this increasingly dire situation? Can we conserve our way through this? Will this drought be the catalyst for revisiting how we manage water and conveyance in California?

Join us for a conversation with Craig Miller, General Manager of the 527- square mile Western Municipal Water District in Riverside County, as he sizes up the drought and provides insights for how California can persevere both in the short and long term. Craig’s decades of experience specializing in water resource development, water rights, groundwater management, water and sewer system operations and capital project development gives him a unique perspective for commenting about this critical statewide issue.

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CE-CERT Building, Room 105

1084 Columbia Avenue

Riverside, CA 92507

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