CE-CERT Events

From workshops that engage participants in discussions surrounding novel approaches to reduce vehicle emissions and geofencing, to annual one-day symposiums that bring together academics to share novel work on the chemical and photochemical transformations in the atmosphere, CE-CERT continuously aims to provide unique events and educational opportunities for various audiences. Learn more about our upcoming events, including our annual conferences, and joins us at these unique opportunities.


CE-CERT Events and Announcements

Annual Events

CE-CERT hosts a number of annual events throughout the year that gather leaders across multiple disciplines to convene on the latest research and technology in environmental engineering. From presentations of the latest in portable emission measurement systems at the International PEMS Conference to discussions with community members about the latest in solar technology at the UCR Solar Energy Conference, CE-CERT takes pride in hosting events with the goal of creating positive change through education and engagement with the people around us. For more information, please select any of our annual events below or contact CE-CERT’s outreach coordinator for a schedule of events.