Board of Advisors' Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose of Board

The College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) seeks to increase its effectiveness as a research and teaching arm of the University of California. To do so, CE-CERT needs a high level of national and international visibility - as a premier research institution on energy and air quality issues, as a creator of new technologies, and as a trainer of coming generations of researchers in these fields. Its research seeks to contribute to basic scientific knowledge as well as to provide objective information on the critical social, economic and health policy issues surrounding air quality and energy. The CE-CERT Board of Advisors works closely with the Director in crafting strategies to achieve this vision.

Key Responsibilities

The CE-CERT Board of Advisors is a prominent and supportive group of individuals with a strong, broad-based range of business expertise, regulatory experience, industry knowledge, and adequate time to devote to understanding the Center's opportunities and priorities.

Free from fiduciary mandates, advisors:

  • Help set the Center's long term goals and contribute to the development and evaluation of its Strategic Plan.
  • Provide a credible and objective sounding board on the wide range of technical and financial issues facing the Center.
  • Help identify key areas where CE-CERT has a competitive advantage, or strength upon which to build.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Center in its effort to build partnerships and secure financial resources, governmental support and relationships with a national spectrum of influential leaders.
  • Ask probing questions that insure a long-term perspective on decision-making and progress toward the Center's strategic goals.


At the heart of being a member of the CE-CERT Board of Advisors is a passion for research and the Center's mission of environmental education, collaboration with industry and government to improve the technical basis for regulations and policy, creation of technologies, and making contributions to a better understanding of the environment. Advisors find it personally gratifying to further this mission and find value from their service. Rewards include:

  • Transforming the Center's future through advocacy and investment.
  • Supporting the next generation of research leaders and a competitive workforce.
  • Working with top-flight faculty and researchers.
  • Gaining access to students and faculty actively engaged in scientific discovery with real-world applications.
  • Participating in decision making that will have a huge impact on the future of our students and college, and thus on the state of California and the nation.
  • Networking within our constituencies.
  • Affiliating with an advisory board that provides a working relationship with other high-level professionals.
  • Being part of the University of California.

Service Commitment

Two-day board meetings will be held annually, with occasional special topic meetings called as needed. In addition, board members' advice or action, such as a letter or introduction, may be solicited in other circumstances. The schedule, time, campus location and agenda materials will be sent well in advance of meetings so that advisors are well prepared to make informed recommendations. The term of the appointment is three years. Upon mutual agreement, terms may be renewed an indefinite number of times.

Contact Information

For more information or to suggest nominations to the CE-CERT Board of Advisors, please contact:

Dr. Matt Barth
Tel: (951) 781-5782