PEMS Training Program


Course Purpose



This course will prepare attendees for properly using and understanding the latest regulatory approved AVL PEMS equipment, designing and conducting successful field tests for a light duty vehicle fleet, and correctly interpreting emissions and operation data from on-road vehicles for the purpose of certification, research and development, and improving emissions inventories. The lessons learned on the light duty fleet are largely applicable to other sources, such as heavy duty trucks, off-road equipment and vehicles and engines, and marine vessels.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for engineers, managers and academics who would like to understand how to use PEMS for compliance, research or emissions inventory purposes. OEMS and regulatory agencies recommend that prospective employees for their emissions laboratories take this course.

Course Overview

The first part of the course is 30 hours of online learning covering emission measurement fundamentals, learning the capabilities of PEMS equipment, theory of calculations and corrections, and a brief review of worldwide emissions standards that largely guide the use of PEMS for compliance testing. Following the online course will be a five day course in Riverside, California dedicated to hands on use of the PEMS equipment, including design, preparation and execution of field testing campaigns, and subsequent analysis and interpretation of the collected data sets and its potential implications.