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JournalsCE-CERT Researchers Featured in High-Impact Journals

CE-CERT researchers Dr. Kelley Barsanti, Dr. Charles Wyman, Dr. Charles Cai and their teams continue the tradition of high-quality journal publications.

handshake2017 Conferences Provide Successful Engagement Opportunities

2017 has already been a year of exceptional professional and community engagement at CE-CERT, with the successful completion of two major conferences: Solar and PEMS.

Carbon Neutral ThumbnailUCR and the UC's Carbon Neutrality Initiative: Where are we now?

In November of 2013, UC President Janet Napolitano announced that the UC would commit to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from its buildings and vehicle fleet by 2025. What are UCR's plans to support this undertaking?

Joe KhalifePh.D. Student Joe Khalife Wins NCST Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year Award for UCR

Ph.D. student Joe Khalife was awarded the 2016 NCST Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year award for the UC Riverside Campus.

TruckA New Report Finds That Today's Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Engines Perform with Lower NOx Emissions than EPA Certification Standard Providing Much Needed Emissions Reductions for California

A report released by the University of California Riverside's College of Engineering-Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT), found that new ultra-low emission natural gas heavy-duty vehicles met and exceeded their certification standards during a full range of duty cycles.

WIT FlyerCE-CERT Graduate Students Danyang Tian and Fei Ye Awarded Women in Transportation (WTS) Scholarships

CE-CERT Ph.D. students Danyang Tian and Fei Ye were both honored with the WTS Helene M. Overly Memorial Scholarship at the 12th Annual Scholarship & Awards WTS Benefit Dinner held on January 19th, 2017.

Forbes LogoResearcher Charles Cai Featured in Forbes 30 under 30

CE-CERT Assistant Research Faculty Charles Cai was recently named as one of Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 for his research accomplishments in sustainable energy.

May 19, 2017
  There’s Power in Your Poop and UC Riverside Researchers Want to Find Ways to Use It. Center for Renewable Natural Gas Director Arun Raju discusses how research in renewable natural gas (RNG) will help California meet its goals of reduced emissions.
March 1, 2017
  New University Transportation Center Focuses on the Impact of Transportation Emissions and Human Health. CE-CERT associate research engineer Kanok Boriboonsomsin leads the UCR team in this $11 million partnership. Click here to read the CE-CERT news story.
February 24, 2017
  Will Trump's EPA director uphold truck air pollution regulations in Southern California? Los Angeles Daily News. Wayne Miller and CE-CERT's Emissions and Fuels Research Group contribute to the conversation.
February 23, 2017
  State Needs to Adapt to Solar Energy, Experts Say. V. John White, Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, discusses the importance of shifting prevailing attitudes toward solar and renewable energy.
January 29, 2017
  Hybrid Cars can Save Fuel Through Nature-Like Algorithms. Dr. Xuewei Qi and the Transportation Systems Research Group discuss a more efficient energy management system for hybrid vehicles. Also featured in UCR Today - click here to read the article.
January 26, 2017
  A Computer Program that Learns How to Save Fuel. The Economist. CE-CERT Director Dr. Matthew Barth and researcher Dr. Xuewei Qi explain how artificial intelligence can help hybrid vehicles learn to manage power more efficiently.

Engagement Opportunities

CE-CERT's mission is to educate future generations of engineers, scientist and policy makers, and to conduct research in the areas of air quality, energy and transportation. 


Community Engagement Opportunities 

CE-CERT's designed opportunities that will result in positive exposure for your group, excite young students to pursue careers in engineering and environmental sustainability, and improve the presentation skills, policy awareness and critical thinking of students 

For more details:

Professional Engagement Opportunities 

UCR offers several learning opportunities for agencies, working professionals and continuing students. Depending on the type of class, UCR will work with our Department of Education, UCR Extension, or College to formulate a class that meets the needs of your group of 10 or more attendees. UCR can arrange to issue Continuing Education Credits, UCR Extension certificates, or college credits depending on the types and duration of the courses. 

For more details:

If you are interested in partnering with CE-CERT on your STEM or professional related opportunities please contact, Kathy Vang,, Marketing and Outreach Specialist. CE-CERT will be happy to assist in developing a program to fit your needs.

Living the Promise

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is helping to create better world though important research and education in the fields of health, sustainability and technology through innovative thinking, breakthrough research and real-world solutions.

Find out more about Living the Promise at UCR.


Whether pioneering sustainable agriculture, mitigating air pollution, converting biowaste into energy or exploring environmental issues on a molecular level, UCR is discovering new answers to many of the 21st century’s greatest questions.

We develop flood-and-drought-resistant crops. We engineer solar cars and eco-friendly buildings. We partner with industry to tap the potential of biofuels, renewable energy and alternative transportation systems. We educate next-generation environmental scientists, conservationists, agricultural specialists and urban planners.

Because climate change isn’t just something we research, it is something we empower everyone to achieve.

Sustainability @ UCR

Video: Sustainability at the University of California Riverside


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Featuring UCR faculty Mikeal Roose, Chair and Professor of Genetics & Geneticist, Akua Asa-Awuku, Assistant Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, and Hideaki Tsutsui, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Akua Asa-Awuku: Improving Air Quality

Video: Akua Asa-Awuku: Improving Air Quality


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Working in the world's largest indoor air quality chamber, Akua Asa-Awuku looks at particle formation in the atmosphere and how it interacts with water, affecting cloud formation and global climate change.

Featured Faculty:

Matthew Barth

Director, College of Engineering – Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT)

Solar Energy:

UCR's Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy (SC-RISE) is a partnership of the Bourns College of Engineering, industry affiliates government agencies, public and private utilities, trade organizations and other academic institutions. The center is developing materials for solar energy, solar energy systems, new photovoltaic devices and solar-thermal technologies. Also, the center will serve as an "honest broker" to provide reliable and unbiased information and advice on getting energy from the sun.

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Akua Asa-Awuku

Assistant Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Improving Air Quality:

Working in the world’s largest indoor air quality chamber, Akua Asa-Awuku looks at particle formation in the atmosphere and how it interacts with water, affecting cloud formation and global climate change.

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