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Research Towards a Sustainable Future: Integrating solar electricity generation, smart distribution, commercial-scale energy storage, and electric transportation.

UC-Riverside has recently launched Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative (SIGI), one of the largest renewable energy project of its kind in the state. This initiative has been developed specifically to research the integration of intermittent renewable energy, energy storage, and all types of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. 
The Sustainable Integrated Grid Initiative key features: 
  • Four megawatts of solar photovoltaic panels 
  • Two megawatt-hours of battery energy storage 
  • Twenty-seven electric vehicle charging stations 
  • An electric-powered trolley service 
  • Energy monitoring and smart dispatch 
  • Open architecture designed for expansion 



Photovoltaic energy generation on the UC Riverside campus will be utilized to offset electrical energy utilized throughout the region for Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging events. The PV generation will be linked with stationary battery storage to manage energy needs during periods of insufficient PV generation. Energy management will be coordinated with Riverside Public Utilities to optimally reduce peak loads on the electrical distribution network and local power feeders. 

To learn more about potential collaboration opportunities with the New Grid, please contact Kathy Vang at (951) 781-5730.

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