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Opportunities for Solar: Ways Forward for Inland Southern California

On behalf of the Bourns College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology, the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development, and the Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy, welcome to the 2016 Solar Conference: "Opportunities for Solar: Ways Forward for Inland Southern California."

This conference is designed for regional, county and city leaders, planners, council members, businesses, utility companies and the general public to learn about the state of solar energy by discussing the market ready technologies, public policy/regulations, economics/financing, and the associated environmental/sustainability issues. Through a series of panel discussions, attendees will learn about the challenges and opportunities for incorporating solar energy in their communities, including how the marketplace works, local policies and initiatives already in place.

Panel Discussions

Panel 1: The State of Solar Energy and the Role of Energy Storage
This panel will discuss the state of solar energy from a variety of perspectives with a focus on the opportunities for this energy source and how to better address the challenges facing this industry as it continues to rapidly grow and achieve higher levels of penetration in the energy generation market. The role of energy storage will also be discussed as a way to balance the intermittent nature of solar energy.

Panel 2: Streamlining Permitting
This panel will discuss existing solar permitting guidelines. The discussion will be approached from the perspective of the solar industry, governmental agencies and power utility companies, with a focus on lessons learned, best practices, and successes and challenges in streamlining the permitting processes. Attendees will learn about existing resources that can help municipalities and local governmental agencies in this effort.

Panel 3: Economics and Financing Options for Solar
This panel will provide a brief overview of solar photovoltaic (PV) system costs and the potential for savings by taking advantage of state and federal incentives available for industrial, commercial & residential systems. Attendees will learn about a variety of financing models that are increasingly making a compelling argument for the development of PV systems in all market sectors, including community solar and shared renewable projects.

Panel 4: Market Ready Technologies
This panel will discuss a variety of market ready technologies that support and improve the economics of solar energy projects by adding value in the form of improved performance and lowered costs. These technologies include high efficiency solar modules, environmental friendly batteries, solar design platform, and power to gas (P2G) technology.

Panel 5: Community Solar Strategies
This panel will discuss a variety of existing strategies for implementing community solar projects, including programs from utilities with different structures and operating under different legislative and regulatory constructs.

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