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Kent Johnson

Assistant Research Engineer

kent johnsonKent Johnson joined CE-CERT's research faculty in 2010 after serving on the Center's staff as Principal Development Engineer and manager of the Mobile Emissions Laboratory (MEL). He received his Ph.D. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from UC Riverside where his doctoral research focused on the impact of emissions on ambient air quality. More specifically Johnson's research interests include: 1) quantification of in-use emission measurements; 2) advancement of measurement techniques; and 3) study of fuel impacts on emissions for diesel engines. He recently created a comprehensive program for the evaluation of portable emissions monitoring systems (PEMS) that has had impacts at both the national and international levels. Dr. Johnson joined CE-CERT in January 1993 and was involved in CE-CERT’s solar hydrogen production facilities, and was also the lead CE-CERT engineer on the biomass to fuels gasification pilot plant.

Since 2000, Johnson has been the lead design engineer responsible for the development of the on-road mobile emissions laboratory (MEL). Since MEL’s design, he has been responsible for all technical and management details of emissions measurements such as interfacing research equipment, performing quality control, technical reporting, setting up tests, and processing all data from the laboratory. MEL meets the specifications of the CRF and has cross correlated with many other laboratories. MEL is considered a very reliable and accurate laboratory from regulators and industrial client’s perspectives.

In addition to his normal CE-CERT work activities, Dr. Johnson has been involved in five student competitions. The competitions involved solar energy and vehicle conversion to ethanol and propane fuels. Prior to CE-CERT, his work experience included the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD). There he performed pilot tests to dry sludge indirectly with steam, designed the logic for a PLC controlled day bin purge valve, and reported on CCCSD's outfall toxicity level. Johnson also worked at BadischeStahl Werk GmbH (BSW) a German steel factory where he analyzed steel properties and investigated methods for converting scrap metal into high quality steel.

He received his BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo in 1992, his MS Degree in Electrical Engineering Controls from California Polytechnic, Pomona in 2001.



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