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2017 Conferences Provide Successful Engagement Opportunities

2017 Conferences Provide Successful Engagement Opportunities

April 14, 2017

2017 has already been a year of exceptional professional and community engagement at CE-CERT, with the successful completion of two major conferences.

Solar AisleOn February 23, 2017, the Third Annual Solar Conference was held at the Bourns Technology Center. Co-hosted by CE-CERT and UCR’s School of Public Policy, the event provided an opportunity for regional, county and city leaders, planners, council members, businesses, utilities and the general public to learn about the state of solar energy by discussing the latest technology, public policies and regulations, economics, and the associated environmental and sustainability issues.

The conference opened with a keynote presentation by Andrew McAllister, Commissioner of the California Energy Commission that addressed the inland region, state, and federal perspective on solar energy, as well as a presentation on solar, storage, and the low-carbon grid by V. John White, the Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies.

Five moderated panel discussions followed, addressing topics such as the current state of solar energy (deployment, peak times, and load matching), Solar Postertransitioning solar research at the University of California to the real world, the examination of commercially viable breakthrough technologies such as power to gas, saltwater batteries, and other innovative options with  low-penetration, net metering, and specialized solar strategies, such as community solar. Each panel concluded with a Q & A session, and a student poster session and raffles throughout the day rounded out the program.

“This conference brings the most current topics of interest in the solar industry to the Inland Southern California, allowing for the gathering of stakeholders in the region, keeping them informed and engaged,” stated Dr. Alfredo Martinez-Morales, Managing Director of the Southern California Research Initiative for Solar Energy. He added, “as the solar industry deals with the success of increased deployment and higher penetration, it is clear that a variety of technologies and developments are needed to provided added value to solar energy.” 

This year’s conference had the highest attendance numbers yet with approximately 148 attendees, and was well-received by sponsors, attendees, and the press (click here for coverage).

PEMS Joey YangBourns Technology Center was also the location of the Seventh International PEMS Conference, which was held on March 30th and 31st. 200 people from over 50 different companies, agencies or institutions representing 10 countries from around the world came together to exchange ideas, develop new projects and form partnerships for the implementation of Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS).

Zississ Samaras, Professor, Aristotle University – Thessaloniki, Greece, opened the conference with a presentation on Assessing Real Driving Emissions in Europe: An update- Focus on PN Emissions, in which he discussed updates on the recent real-driving emissions regulations in Europe and the associated environmental challenges. The discussion included the  DowntoTen research project, which proposes a robust approach for the measurement of particles from about 10 nm both for PMP and RDE, complementing and building upon regulation development activities.

PEMS PanelA comprehensive PEMS panel discussion followed, with topics including regulatory development and trends, approaches for making in-use particle measurements, development of new instrumentation for in-use and PEMS measurements, PEMS applications for full fleet characterization, and research developments. Panel members included Zississ Samaras, Aristotle University; Carl Fulper, EPA; Matti Maricq, Ford Motor Company; Alberto Ayala, CARB; Tao Huai, CARB; and Kent Johnson, UC Riverside-CE-CERT.

CE-CERT will continue its successful conference series with the Renewable Natural Gas Symposium to be held on May 17, 2017.

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