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Kent Johnson

Associate Research Engineer

Kent JohnsonDr. Johnson joined CE-CERT's research faculty in 2009 after serving on the Center's staff as Principal Development Engineer and manager of the Mobile Emissions Laboratory (MEL) for 16 years. He received his Ph.D. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from UC Riverside where his doctoral research focused on the impact of real world emissions on ambient air quality.

During his career, Dr. Johnson has created a comprehensive program for the evaluation of portable emissions monitoring systems (PEMS) that has had impacts at both the national and international levels. He manages research programs that have annual budgets of approximately $2,000,000. These programs involve emissions from all mobile sources under real world conditions (heavy and light duty vehicles, marine, locomotive, and many others). He also manages research programs that include operation of specialized equipment such as chassis and engine dynamometers and various advanced measurement methods. Recently Dr. Johnson performed engine research on a marine two stroke engine which utilized residual fuel oils from ocean going vessels to help characterize black carbon emission factors and their measurement method. This research will advance our understanding of black carbon measurement where factors of ten differences have been reported. Additionally Dr. Johnson has investigated in the measurement of ultra-low NOx emissions from heavy duty natural gas engines where it has been found real-world NOx emissions can be as low as 0.002 g/bhp-hr (99%) lower than the current standard. He actively publishes and has over 40 publications.

He received his BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo in 1992 and his MS Degree in Electrical Engineering Controls from California Polytechnic, Pomona in 2001.

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