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David R. Cocker

Leader, Atmospheric Processes
Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

David CockerDavid Cocker's research focuses on secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. The major thrust of the SOA work is the study of gas-particle partitioning and improving predictions of SOA formation. This work involves studies of the influence of gas-phase chemistry, temperature, humidity, light source, light intensity, and chemical structure on the density, volatility, chemical composition and aerosol yield for select aromatic and biogenic precursors as well as several studies on the influence of ammonia and amines on SOA formation. The SOA research is conducted in a large-scale indoor environmental chamber research laboratory containing dual 90 m3 TeflonĀ® film uniquely designed for the study of atmospheric chemistry under low-NOx conditions. Significant ongoing efforts include collaborative work with Drs. Carter and Heo on implementation of a predictive SOA module within the SAPRC gas-phase chemical mechanism.

Another research thrust in Dr. Cockers research group focuses on combustion emission with a primary focus on detailed and accurate characterizations of in-use emissions from a variety of sources including heavy heavy-duty diesel vehicles, marine engines, back-up generators, turbines, locomotives, light-duty vehicles, jet aircraft, commercial cooking, and prescribed burns including the influences of changing fuel characteristics and control technologies. This work includes evaluation and application of novel particulate and gaseous instrumentation   Additional research in collaboration with health experts focuses on health effects of these combustion sources and SOA.

Dr. Cocker is the recipient of the National Science Foundation Early Development CAREER award. Dr. Cocker earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (with a minor in Chemical Engineering) from the California Institute of Technology in 2000. He earned his M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Caltech in 1998, and his B.S. in Environmental Engineering and Chemistry from the University of California, Riverside, in 1996.

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